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How do I obtain a payoff amount for my loan?

Contact EFS at 877-923-2665 to request a payoff quote for up to fifteen (15) days in the future. The date the payoff amount is received by your utility is the date that your loan will be considered paid off. Depending on when your loan payoff amount is received, you may still owe additional utility charges as well as any monthly loan payments that were billed to you before the payoff was quoted. Those amounts must also be paid in order to be considered paid in full. If you are mailing your payment, please add extra time to account for mailing in the payment.

Can a co-borrower be included on the loan if he/she is not named on the utility bill?

The primary account holder must apply for the loan, however, if your home is served by Ameren Illinois Company, People’s Gas Light and Coke Co., or North Shore Gas Company, all parties named on the utility account must apply for this loan. Additional borrowers can be added but they must also be listed on the utility bill and own the home. For rental properties, the property owner must apply for the loan and be named on the utility bill.

What types of properties are eligible for the program? Can I finance rental properties?

Owners of residential properties up to four units receiving utility service from a participating gas or electric utility are eligible for the loan. You must be the owner of the building but do not have to reside in the building to make eligible improvements. Eligible residences include single family homes, duplexes, mobile homes, condominiums or 2-4 unit residential buildings.

What happens once I am approved for the loan?

Once all conditions of the preapproval are received and accepted, your loan will go through a final review process for final approval. Once approved, you will receive notification by email that the documents are available for signing in the customer portal if you applied online. If you submitted a paper application you will be provided a set of documents by email or regular mail if no email address is provided. Alternatively, the contractor may be able to print a copy of the loan documents and present to you for signature.

How long will it take to hear back about my application?

If you apply online, a decision will be provided within moments of submitting your application. If EFS is unable to preapprove your application at that time, your application will be placed in a pending status, and a manual review will be completed within one (1) business day. You will receive notification of the decision by email and through accessing the online portal. If you submit a paper application, EFS will provide a decision within one (1) business day of receipt of the application to the email address listed on the application or by regular mail if no email address is listed.

When will I be billed?

Depending on when the funds are disbursed to your contractor, remittance of your loan installments may begin on your next bill or the following. Please allow up to two (2) billing periods for the loan installment charge to appear on your utility bill before contacting your utility.

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