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Once all conditions of the preapproval are received and accepted, your loan will go through a final review process for final approval. Once approved, you will receive notification by email that the documents are available for signing in the customer portal if you applied online. If you submitted a paper application you will be provided a set of documents by email or regular mail if no email address is provided. Alternatively, the contractor may be able to print a copy of the loan documents and present to you for signature. The work may commence when (i) all fully executed documents are received and accepted by EFS and (ii) the cancellation period has expired. Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, your contractor will ask you to sign a Certificate of Completion. Upon receipt of the signed Certificate of Completion, EFS will complete the second and final check of the Utility Eligibility Standards before funding the loan and remitting funds directly to your contractor. If you fail to meet the Utility Eligibility Standards at that time, your loan will not be closed and funded and your contractor will not be paid from the loan proceeds. You will remain responsible to pay your contractor for the work completed.